Gifts of the season come in so many ways. An unexpected phone call from someone who is on your mind, a card or note or perhaps an email or text. A thoughtful gesture by someone. They are beautiful parts of our experience and these treasures can feel like comfort and bliss.
Recently, I learned that that my “year” based on the date, location and exact time of my birth and where the planets were at the exact moment I was born is actually in July. With the New Year upon us, I feel no great urgency to set goals or make resolutions, but I do feel an incredible urge to reflect on the gratitude that my journey offered in 2017 and hold space for it. I created a place, at the beginning of last year to write down all my moments of gratitude each day.
So today, on this cold winter day, with a cup of tea, I happily unfold each tiny slip of paper, to be provided with a returning gift, as each comment or word settle in and make me smile.
There is so much to appreciate. We all know that.
Life offers us amazing opportunities in the very best and the very very worst of scenarios. Finding peace and acceptance of the journey itself, that often offers the duality of experiences will bring us emotions to soothe the jagged edges.
A gateway to acceptance. The Road to Recovery you might call it.
In the practice of allowing and trusting in the unknown, that is, anything well outside of your control, a warmth and peace flow over you and through you . As with all existence here in the physical realm, it is not always easy. It is and can be a practice that will serve you well.
I enter 2018 with the knowledge that there is much goodness, love and joy in this life of mine. My work is to always choose love. To find the lessons in the dark and to create a space for myself in my world. To nurture myself in the best way I know how, to offer the very best of me to those who choose to accept it. To be still. To be with myself and strengthen the muscle of self love.
We have but this very moment. Sadness, fear and anxiety come from the past and the future. Choose love in the present moment and in that moment you will find peace.
Wishing you love and a peace of mind in the coming year.