In a very short time, Teresa has made a very large impact on quality of my giving me hope that intense grief is survivable. Perhaps not just survivable, but an opportunity to reach new heights of self discovery and self love. She embodies gentle compassion and understanding born from the crucible of her own experience with sudden and devastating loss. In her company is the most nurturing environment in which to surrender to the agony of loss while simultaneously learning new tools to navigate through the pain. Her words of wisdom and truth stick to my psyche and are clearly audible in hard moments. I struggled for five years to put my life back together after my son died and she has done more in three sessions than I accomplished on my own in that time. Teresa Weybrew has an extraordinary gift to Heal Through Love and I’m beyond grateful that our paths have crossed.

Patricia Wilson

Working with Teresa has been more than I ever could have imagined! I started the business because I have a passion for Ecology and I love to draw, but I wanted to find someone who understood my mission and the messaging of the business because for me, it’s not just about sales, it’s about creating a community of nature lovers through ecological education. Not only did I find someone who has  marketing and sales in her repertoire, but she genuinely cares about me as a person and the mission of my business. Her enthusiasm and drive are contagious. She has pushed me into a different realm, connecting me with people I had only dreamed of working along with and allowing me to pursue drawing, but in a way I hadn’t thought possible. She is out of the box, passionate and cares so much about my success. She is one of a kind!

Alyssa Black
Owner, Drawn To Ecology

Teresa is an amazing female entrepreneur in the valley. Her Meetup is always lively, supportive, encouraging, inspiring, and provides a safe space for women to share challenges, struggles, and successes. Since I have met Teresa, I have been connected with resources and tools that have helped to grow my own business. She has created a wonderful space for women to learn and teach and I am so grateful for the opportunities her Meetup has afforded me.

Abby Forcier
Owner, Realized learning

Teresa has a wonderful ability to not only make you feel comfortable talking about your goals and challenges but to really spark an interest in her knowledge and ideas. The clarity and organization that she brings to the table I find is remarkable! Her insight, professionalism and suggestions were really quite impressive and produced spectacular results!

Christine Adams
Owner, Badger’s Flowers

I have attended Teresa’s grief workshop at the Three Sisters Sanctuary.  Loss is never easy, and with her sharing her story of great loss, and the outlook that has carried her through, approaching grief with love, is instrumental for anyone.  Her knowledge, kindness, gentleness and strength provide her the great light-working skills to guide and help others through their grief and any other difficulties in life. I highly recommend her life coaching and workshop events.

Annie Talarico

I am so glad I found Teresa!  I was going through many life changes and I couldn’t see the way forward.  Teresa helped me to see what I was capable of one step at a time.  She let me see all the good choices before me instead of only the the negative, sad events in my life.  She has been loving, practical, understanding and real.  She understood both my emotional dilemmas as well as the practical decisions I needed to make.  She’s a savvy business woman, counselor, and coach all rolled into one fabulous person.  My life has changed since I started working with Teresa, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Alli Rand
Oracle , Teacher of Living Authentic Freedom

Teresa listens deeply. And beyond listening deeply, she has a way of understanding the emotions at play, and how to gently guide me towards what’s most nurturing to me. As the best coaches do, she empowers me to confidently make my own decisions, and push myself toward growth – all in the most supportive way. She has also equipped me with resources to guide continued personal growth and above all – embrace challenges as powerful opportunities to stay in tune with what’s important to me.

Lauren D.

I joined Teresa’s workshop “Healing Grief Through the Lens of Love” feeling like I already understood the topic but still looked forward to it. I was so taken with Teresa as a person and a presenter from the start to finish. I found it very moving and helpful as it brought clarity to my feelings about the loss of my brother and the grief I’ve carried with me for over 25 years.

I thought I understood unconditional love as a parent and artist who centers my art around grief that I share with the public. I realized at Teresa’s workshop that I had not included myself inside of that. How could that be? As I listened to Teresa and the group that day as they shared their feelings I started to understand that the grief that I had been dealing with for years was holding me back from understanding unconditional love of oneself. I kept my grief in check by giving outwardly through my art and opening it to the public.

Teresa’s workshop help me realize that until I was prepared to allow myself the same unconditional love that my brother shared with me I couldn’t move forward. What I realized was this came from within him as he shared his love of life that came from his own understanding of self love.

I felt for the first time in 25 years I can now look at grief and grow inwardly while allowing myself to embrace my own feelings of love for family, friends and most of all myself. Thank you Teresa. You’ve truly helped relieve me of some of the weight of loss that I carried with me for a quarter of a century.

Richard M. Richardson
Creator and Caretaker , Three Sister’s Sanctuary
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