I’m Teresa

My name is Teresa Weybrew. 

I’m a Mom, Daughter, Sister, Boppie, Aunt, Lover and Friend.

I am a Life Coach.

With a myriad of life challenges, including career changes, divorce, family struggles, weight issues, depression and the tragic death of My Person, my life crumbled to an unrecognizable shell of what it was.  I was completely broken. It was in that moment, I had a choice to make.

That is where my story begins. 

In my darkest hour, I was completely broken open.  

I chose love.

Love of all that was.  

My relationships with others, those here and those that had gone before me and most powerfully, my love of self.

As a Sales and Marketing Director for over 25 years – I was always most drawn to the relationships that I created with clients. 

Sales were a delightful byproduct of the connections I valued and experienced. 

I knew that my passion was the people, and over time, this would bring me a renewed joy and a new life’s work.


One might call it an awakening or an “aha moment.”

My life experience and love of connecting to and helping people, coupled with my extensive training as a Holistic Life Coach, Certified Heart Math Coach and a Meditation and Mindfulness teacher,  had finally combined the true essence of my authentic self.

I offer my hand to you, on your journey toward your true self.  



I live my life using the practical and spiritual tools I will share with you.

I will support you with compassion, loving kindness, and a nurturing space to feel safe and understood.

With these skills and a knowledge of the Universal Law of Attraction, you will experience powerful change and develop a practice that will affect your life forever. 

Together, we’ll soften the jagged edges in this moment because this moment is all we have.

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Heal Through Love

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HeartMath® Certified Coach 

UMASS Medical School – Mindfulness Center

Certified Bloom Mastery Life Coach Training

CTAA, Certified Meditation Training  

Gabrielle Bernstein Training -  Make Your Dreams Come True