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What is life coaching?

Life Coaching is not Therapy

The Coaching process differs in a few key areas.

A therapist rarely offers personal information to assist in a healing process. They tend to explore the origins of the problem and look at techniques to confront them as well as utilizing behavior modifications and medications.  A therapist often works with clients who have severe psychological dysfunction or impairment. In many cases therapy can be ongoing for years.

A life coach takes an experiential approach and will tend to disclose their own personal story, as well as shining a light on areas where small manageable shifts can be made toward lasting change.   In addition, many coachable clients are seeking a higher quality of life and function with a healthy psyche but have found themselves needing support due to a life experience.  The approach in life coaching is direct and a desired outcome in attained in weeks or months, rather than years. 

The Life Mastery approach practiced by me emphasizes a spiritual and holistic approach. Drawing from many spiritual disciplines and supporting clients in helping them discover self-limited beliefs and reprograming habitual thought patterns which can prevent healing and limit success in ways someone needs it most.

Ways to Work With Me

I offer one on one coaching via telephone, Zoom ( A free, easy to navigate online software) or in person.
In order to see if coaching is the right path for you, we will schedule a free 30 minute call to explore your needs and answer your questions. You and I need to be a good fit for each other and this call will help us to determine that.  After we have had our initial call, we can determine our next steps.
This is your experience and I am honored and here to shine a light for you. We want to always be sure that everything feels good as we move forward.  If I am your Life Coach, then I am committed to you and will work to guide you towards finding your peace.
I recently opened up six places for a  Six Week Program, Embracing Loss with Love. You can see the details here.
In addition, I offer workshops and retreats that are listed here on my website as well as on Social Media.
I believe that we are all searching for happiness that can elude us and by grasping onto things outside of us, in people, places and things we make an attempt to find our home in joy. Life offers us loss and struggle,  as a part of this human experience. If we can learn to love ourselves and listen to our inner knowing, through meditation and self care, and in doing so, we can feel the ease of life and see the world through the lens of love.
My work is centered on this premise and I live it every single day.

Heal Through Love
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UMASS Medical School – Mindfulness Center

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