I am so happy that you are here.


If you are looking for a safe place, where you can be heard and understood, you’ll be happy here. 

Whatever the reason that brought you here, yearning for change can be daunting. 

Perhaps grief has become an unwelcome constant companion.

What is my purpose is in this life? Why are we here?  

It’s really hard to feel this way and it can be so scary too.  


You may see the concern in the eyes of the people who love you.  

You feel like you are not really living, but existing.  

It’s exhausting…  

I really understand.

I want you to know something important.

I was where you are.

I felt uncertainty and darkness in every cell in my body.

You also need to know that the power to shift is available to you and it can be easier than you might imagine. 

You possess a loving Inner Guidance system.  This is the single most powerful gift you have as a human on this earth.

Most of us walk through life barely connecting with its incredible support and love.

Nothing will magically go away.  Your life will still be your life, but your resilience and self-love will be the superpowers you can choose to draw upon. 

With a new lens through which to view life, you will never be the same. You can’t unknow what this process teaches you.  

Self-awareness will become your greatest asset and strength.

For a moment, can you just imagine a life that is not dictated or broken to pieces by outside circumstances or relationships?

I can help you in a way that is supportive and heart-centered.

You can find your way.

I did it and I would be honored to take this journey with you.

We’ll work together and create a practice that includes spiritual and practical tools to create sustainable change in your everyday life.

Can I help you?

Please visit my Contact page, email me to schedule a Discovery Call. 

Always Choose Love

Heal Through Love

Together we will discover what is best for you.

You will be the co-creator of your own life by raising your vibration.  

You can not unlearn the beauty of loving yourself. 

I joined Teresa’s workshop “Healing Grief Through the Lens of Love” feeling like I already understood the topic but still looked forward to it. I was so taken with Teresa as a person and a presenter from the start to finish. I found it very moving and helpful as it brought clarity to my feelings about the loss of my brother and the grief I’ve carried with me for over 25 years.

I thought I understood unconditional love as a parent and artist who centers my art around grief that I share with the public. I realized at Teresa’s workshop that I had not included myself inside of that. How could that be? As I listened to Teresa and the group that day as they shared their feelings I started to understand that the grief that I had been dealing with for years was holding me back from understanding unconditional love of oneself. I kept my grief in check by giving outwardly through my art and opening it to the public.

Teresa’s workshop helped me realize that until I was prepared to allow myself the same unconditional love that my brother shared with me I couldn’t move forward. What I realized was this came from within him as he shared his love of life that came from his own understanding of self love. 

I felt for the first time in 25 years I can now look at grief and grow inwardly while allowing myself to embrace my own feelings of love for family, friends and most of all myself. Thank you Teresa. You’ve truly helped relieve me of some of the weight of loss that until I attended your workshop I carried with me for a quarter of a century.

~Richard M. Richardson

Creator and Caretaker – Three Sister’s Sanctuary


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