Heal Through Love

Teresa Weybrew, Life Coaching

Have things happened in your life that make it feel like it will never be ok again?

Do sadness, fear or uncertainty control you?

Are you being your authentic self or a version that you want others to believe in?

Endless thoughts run through your head and cause you to feel like you lack control of your own life.   

You’ve made a sincere effort, but there is a feeling that you just can’t shake. 

You can see the concern in the eyes of the people who love you.  

It feels like you are not really living, but existing.  

The endless chatter in your head always wins and it’s exhausting…  

I get it

I want you to know that in this very moment, you have everything you need to feel better.

You only need to tap into it.

The answers are where they have been all along…inside of you.

Shift your thoughts, your emotions and learn how to connect with a power that will change how you view yourself, others and the world.

Find yourself in a place that offers you love, support and a sense of well being.

I would be honored to take this journey with you and offer you spiritual and practical guidance that can create sustainable change in the real world.

Connect with the part of you that feels guided. authentic and free.

You will still experience the struggles that life presents to you,

but it will be different.

I promise.

Always Choose Love

Heal Through Love

In working together we will discover your own innate ability to know what is best for you. You will fall in love with the most authentic version of yourself, learn to gain control over your thoughts and navigate the challenges of loss in the many forms we experience it. 

Life will never be the same. 

I joined Teresa’s workshop “Healing Grief Through the Lens of Love” feeling like I already understood the topic but still looked forward to it. I was so taken with Teresa as a person and a presenter from the start to finish. I found it very moving and helpful as it brought clarity to my feelings about the loss of my brother and the grief I’ve carried with me for over 25 years.

I thought I understood unconditional love as a parent and artist who centers my art around grief that I share with the public. I realized at Teresa’s workshop that I had not included myself inside of that. How could that be? As I listened to Teresa and the group that day as they shared their feelings I started to understand that the grief that I had been dealing with for years was holding me back from understanding unconditional love of oneself. I kept my grief in check by giving outwardly through my art and opening it to the public.

Teresa’s workshop help me realize that until I was prepared to allow myself the same unconditional love that my brother shared with me I couldn’t move forward. What I realized was this came from within him as he shared his love of life that came from his own understanding of self love. 

I felt for the first time in 25 years I can now look at grief and grow inwardly while allowing myself to embrace my own feelings of love for family, friends and most of all myself. Thank you Teresa. You’ve truly helped relieve me of some of the weight of loss that until I attended your workshop I carried with me for a quarter of a century.

~Richard M. Richardson

Creator and Caretaker – Three Sister’s Sanctuary


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