Self Discovery & Spiritual Awareness

We’ve all heard the catch phrase of  “doing the work” ~ but do you ever wonder what that even means?

It’s a process that can begin at many different times in our life, or never.

Sometimes it happens when everything else falls apart. The death of a loved one, an illness, challenging relationships, financial struggles or a combination of all of these and more.  Perhaps there is a profound moment when everything comes together and life is as perfect as we could perceive it to be, and yet we still have a deep longing for something we cannot seem to understand.

The journey into Self is a gift filled with many emotions. Although it is the only true reason we are here in this human experience, many of us turn away from the nudges and the longing we feel very deep in our heart.

We always have a choice, to step toward a greater understanding or away from it. There is no right way or completion, the call is only to begin.

My work has been inspired by my own journey. Through this process, I have experienced the deep power of my own Soul, a part of a Source that lives within each and every one of us. This incredible, loving, nurturing, healing energy waits patiently for us to pull away the layers that have developed over time and hide us from its wisdom and guidance.

With practical and spiritual tools, I can offer you a helping hand along the path to a new normal. A sense of self compassion, comfort and an awareness of your own inner guidance system.  Once connected, your energy rises and love becomes the lens through which you view the world. In turn, the world  reciprocates.

We are eternal beings and the part of you and me, that will never end,  wants very much to be a part of your awareness and help to soften the jagged edges.

I would be delighted to assist you as you begin or offer you a loving and nurturing environment in which to finder a deeper meaning to this physical experience we call Life.

If you have an interest in talking with me, please contact me. I would be happy to set up a call to see if I may be of any support to you with honor and great reverence for this process.



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