What Is Life Coaching?

A life coach takes an experiential approach and will tend to disclose their own personal story as well as shining a light on areas where small manageable shifts can be made toward lasting change in your own life. Most clients are seeking a higher quality of life or help in overcoming a challenge due to a life  experience.

The approach in life coaching is direct and a desired outcome can often be attained in a short period of time. By beginning in the present moment, with a understanding of the past and the experiences that brought you to where you are, we move forward. Focusing on changes that can be made immediately.

The Life Mastery and Heart Math approach which I practice in my own life and teach my clients,  emphasizes a heart centered, spiritual and holistic approach. Drawing from many spiritual disciplines to help discover self-limiting beliefs, reprograming habitual thought patterns and offering tools to tap into a powerful inner guidance system that provides self compassion, self worth, adaptability and resilience.

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